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Andrea Caseber

Andrea CaseberAssistant Casino Controller

As the assistant casino controller for a global cruise ship company, Andrea is responsible for compiling the data of all ship casinos to assist the company casino controller with the annual budgeting and reporting process. Growth over the years had led to more than 200 linked spreadsheets and reports which were occasionally prone to errors. Gathering data was an extremely manual process and verifying the accuracy of that data was so time-intensive that late updates to the budget could not be accommodated and forecasting was not a viable option. In addition, data needed for analysis from one financial system could only provide hard copy “vanilla” reports that could only be printed and data from their other financial system was only available to a limited number of users.

Andrea championed the initiative to improve and automate the annual budgeting and reporting process. After searching various options, Andrea found a financial performance management (FPM) solution that met the needs of the corporate casino controller’s office and would be easy for non-finance end-users to use. The result has been nothing short of miraculous. The BPM system was readily adopted and accepted by all users. Data is now accessible from a centralized repository which allows users to see and analyze data they could not previously gather without manual effort or request from the controller or Andrea. Reports can be easily manipulated or copied into Excel, making them more versatile and useful. Reports and charts that were once thought impossible are now available instantly by ship, by brand, for actual versus forecast and more. The annual budgeting and reporting process is much more efficient, Andrea and her team have more time to devote to other projects during budget season and are working fewer weekends.

Andrea and her team have received continuous praise from everyone who uses the new BPM solution. There is also a resounding consensus on how much easier the annual budgeting and reporting process is now. Andrea continues to be an advocate of the system, training new users and learning new and innovative ways to use it.

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