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Carrie Ludwiczak

Carrie LudwiczakSenior Financial Analyst

Carrie, a senior financial analyst for a consumer loan company, is responsible for the budgeting process of more than 1,100 branch offices in the US and Mexico.  Using a collection of Excel spreadsheets, distributing them to the field for input and consolidating the results was time-consuming, prone to error and difficult for Carrie to manage.  More importantly, it didn’t serve as an adequate environment for comparative financial reporting or analysis.

Carrie was part of a team that led a movement to replace their existing budgeting process with an enterprise-wide planning and reporting system.  After looking at various software solutions, Carrie’s team chose IBM Cognos TM1, but that was only the beginning.  Carrie knew that for the new system to be successful, she needed to build an easy-to-use budgeting process the more than 200 supervisors of the branch offices would embrace.  Taking into consideration that the field consists of non-financial people, Carrie designed simple, web-based budgeting templates in TM1 that each supervisor uses to enter forecasted revenue and expenses on an annual basis.  She then created a comprehensive training program and established herself as the field liaison, working hand-in-hand with the supervisors to ensure success.  The new budgeting process is intuitive, streamlined and has received praise from the field, including a 100% adoption rate.

With TM1 now deployed to the field, Carrie can see individual and consolidated branch updates in real-time and identify issues immediately.  With all of the budgeting information in a central repository, Carrie can drill down and “slice and dice” the data at a micro level.  Detailed and meaningful information is available at her fingertips and without a reliance on IT, she and her colleagues can create and distribute timely and accurate reports when they need them.  This rapid ad hoc analysis satisfies immediate inquiries from management and provides the visibility needed to make important decisions.

From the Revelwood team, Carrie has been deemed an “incredibly impressive and savvy” TM1 administrator who easily grasps and understands the mechanics of TM1.  Her dedication to being prepared with the internal business knowledge, going the extra mile and taking ownership of the system dramatically increased the overall development efficiency and successful rollout of the budgeting system.

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