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Chris Wright

Chris WrightSenior Business Analyst

As a senior business analyst for one of the nation’s fastest growing managed services providers of IP-based communications and IT services to small businesses, Chris is responsible for compiling and interpreting company data to support senior management’s decisions. With rapid growth, reorganizations, and new markets came an unruly array of disparate systems and a budget model consisting of over 200 spreadsheets. Gathering data and verifying its accuracy left little time for analysis.

Chris’s department made the choice to find and implement a robust, driver-based, budgeting and forecasting system that would allow scenario analysis and ad-hoc reporting on all of the company’s systems. With a background in software engineering, Chris was able to work with IT to construct data feeds for the new system and translate business rules into calculations as part of the implementation. The result is that Excel-based reports that used to be static are now dynamic with the touch of a button. Interlinking data with all the functional groups in the organization has allowed Chris to tie together granular data such as customer, employee headcount and compensation and company financials to give instant answers to managers at all levels. Reported information is more timely and accurate, which has greatly improved reaction time.

Chris and his team now have a system that leverages their expertise in modeling while scaling to the growing needs of the business. No longer simply trying to tread water in a sea of data, Chris is able to focus his time on analyzing the issues that matter most to senior management.

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