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Dina Bank

Dina BankDirector of Financial Systems

As director of financial systems of a full-service media and marketing communications agency, Dina is responsible for providing management with information about staff costing, as well as business unit and client profitability.

When Dina joined the company, the management team had already selected a financial performance management (FPM) solution and Dina was charged with overseeing the implementation of their new budgeting, planning and reporting system. When completed, Dina unveiled a dynamic financial system that enables her team to perform 360-degree analytics by “slicing and dicing” information on unlimited business scenarios, sharpening forecasting accuracy and giving management insight into data they never had before. Dina’s work enables management to identify potential problem areas quickly and easily, keeping them apprised of the company’s financial health.

With resounding success on the initial implementation, Dina expanded the scope of the project to include salary forecasting, the monthly payroll reconciliation and client profitability, making the work for those teams more streamlined and infinitely easier. Dina’s current short-term goal is to roll out the system to the operational staff, effectively decentralizing forecasting in the company.

Dina has received recognition at a global level for her work and is often invited to transfer her vast knowledge as a speaker at industry events and as a contributor in financial publications.

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