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Jonathan Kahan

Jonathan KahanDirector of Finance & Research

As director of finance and research for a division of a top media and entertainment company, corporate management relies on Jonathan to provide insight and visibility into financial and operational data. Struggling with disparate data and multiple spreadsheets involving thousands of calculations, creating an accurate forecast was a daunting and time-consuming task, often prone to error with little time for analysis.

Jonathan was integral in spearheading the initiative to select and implement a dynamic financial performance management (FbPM) solution for his division’s budgeting, forecasting and reporting within just eight weeks. The speed with which he can gather information, along with the breadth and depth of the information, allows him to devote more time to analytics. Rather than give a single metric or number, Jonathan can tell a story, helping management make strategic decisions to increase revenue.

Jonathan’s ability to transform financial data has not only earned him top recognition from his corporate management and peers, he is also sought after for speaking opportunities at industry events.

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