Revelwood Hero

Mike Briscoe

Mike BriscoeVice President, Information

Mike, a vice president of information management in the real estate industry, was known at his company as a master of creating databases and pivot tables.  Handpicked to lead the charge with his firm’s budgeting and reporting solution, IBM Cognos TM1, Mike is now an expert in creating reports—of all kinds—to satisfy the needs of more than 150 properties involved in the firm’s budgeting and reporting process.

Before TM1, Mike’s firm struggled with a manually intensive process that involved several dozen Excel spreadsheets for creating financial reports.  Data was scattered in multiple, disparate sources and everything was done manually, making budgeting and reporting laborious and potentially error-prone.  With TM1 and Mike at the helm, he conceives of and sets up hundreds of reports.  There isn’t a report that Mike can’t create and he’s able to deliver the information needed to make timely decisions throughout his company.  Mike has also earned kudos from his peers for streamlining the entire reporting process.  Massive reports that used to take three or four people until 2:00am every night over the course of 10 days to compile, Mike can do in less than a day.  It’s no wonder he’s considered the “TM1 wizard” and the go to person for anything report related.

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