Success Story

“I can’t imagine where we would be today without Adaptive Planning and an FP&A team. We’ve had so much transformation in a short time. Adaptive Planning has made us proactive, rather than reactive. We’re very excited for the future things we can achieve with Adaptive Planning and Revelwood.”

Capers Barr
FP&A Manager and General Counsel
Rogers & Brown

Rogers & Brown, a family-owned business, was founded in 1968 in Charleston, South Carolina to fill a service void in the logistics industry. Today the company consists of three entities, with 130 employees, providing a full range of transportation and supply chain services.


Evolve from Microsoft Excel-based budgeting and planning, while creating a new FP&A department and reacting to significant changes in the industry.


Workday Adaptive Planning with OfficeConnect


  • Visibility into real-time financials
  • Ability to identify trends, be proactive and find opportunities for growth
  • Ability to provide senior management and the board with dashboards and reports monthly, requiring just a simple refresh