Revelwood Help Desk

Where do you go to get fast, expert resolution to your most pressing IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 and Workday Adaptive Planning issues? Do you spend too much time fielding general user support questions? Do you need help?

As part of Revelwood’s Customer Care program, we now offer a dedicated Help Desk to help you diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve bugs and other issues related to your entire FP&A environment, including all of your customizations and configurations. You and your users can contact us anytime—we’re here to help.

Here is what you get for a single, annual subscription fee:

  • Unlimited support for troubleshooting and remediation of your covered application environment(s) during normal business hours
  • A dedicated support team of highly trained technical specialists who can respond quickly, when you need them
  • Answers to questions you and your users may have in the administration and usage of IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 and Workday Adaptive Planning
  • Priority support over other Revelwood clients that request and pay for such services on an ad hoc basis
  • Nights and weekends support, as needed, at significant discounts off our regular billing rates
  • Tracking of all inbound support incidents within Revelwood’s Customer Care Portal
  • Periodic management reviews with our team to understand the issues you’re having, spot trends and identify ways to improve your application and its usage

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have Revelwood ready to take your call and help ensure your IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 or Workday Adaptive Planning environment is up and running smoothly.

Our Help Desk program comes in two flavors:

Admin Support (Level II) – Required
With this lower priced plan, you provide Level I Support to your end users, while we provide Admin Support to authorized individuals that you designate. Questions and issues from your end users will be funneled through those authorized individuals before coming to Revelwood.

End User Support (Level I) – Optional
For an additional fee, Revelwood will act as Level I Support for your end users (those that actually use IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 or Workday Adaptive Planning on a regular basis). We will be there to answer whatever questions they have, thus freeing you up to focus on more value-added tasks.

You choose the plan, we answer the call. From now on, you can budget the cost, pay us once a year and let us handle your support needs.