Strategic Solutions for Every Type of Business

“Speaking business first” means the end of “a one-size-fits-all” approach.

Revelwood is your partner in leveraging enterprise performance management solutions to take you and your company to the next level – we’re not just the vendor you bring in to deploy the ‘latest’ technology and then leave. We invest in you. We approach your challenge as a business problem, not a technology solution looking for an application. From there we identify the best FP&A solution to meet your specific needs. And our definition of best comes from more than 25 years of deep expertise in a number of industries and developing FP&A solutions that are used by hundreds of happy clients.


Use Cases

With hundreds of IBM Planning Analytics and Workday Adaptive Planning implementations under our belt, we have clients of all sizes, in every industry. Read how we solved the toughest of business challenges among a select group of clients.

IBM Planning Analytics Use Cases

Your finance team can’t be agile with a manual, error-prone and fragmented FP&A process. You need a dynamic enterprise performance management solution that saves time and cost and helps you make more confident decisions. Read some of our IBM Planning Analytics use cases in virtually every industry to learn how this powerful solution with a Microsoft Excel interface can help drive adoption while boosting performance. Read the IBM Planning Analytics use cases.

Workday Adaptive Planning Use Cases

Workday Adaptive Planning helps companies with continuous and comprehensive financial planning, reporting and analysis. A cloud-based FP&A solution, read some of our select use cases showcasing how companies across various industries are producing accurate budgets and forecasts quickly and easily with confidence and delivering stunning reports in minutes. Read the Workday Adaptive Planning use cases.


Client Success Stories

Our clients are passionate about FP&A and the enterprise performance management solutions we build for them. Working as a team, we engage with our clients at every step of the way to ensure their success. Whether you are the CFO that needs a single version of the truth or the person responsible for gathering and analyzing the data to give to the Finance team, our FP&A solutions hit the mark in every way. Learn more.