We host monthly events and keep a library of selected on-demand events you can watch at your leisure. We hope you will join us for our future webinars and live events.

Upcoming Events

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Adaptive Planning Accelerates FP&A

Whether you are actively looking at FP&A solutions or want to compare your current tool with Workday Adaptive Planning, this high-level webinar will illustrate why Adaptive Planning was a leader by Gartner for the last four years.

When:  Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 4:00pm ET
Where:  At your desk via online presentation

Workday Adaptive Planning Events on Demand

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Active Planning for Manufacturing in Workday Adaptive Planning

Watch our on-demand webinar on how active planning with Workday Adaptive Planning can help manufacturing businesses in today’s changing landscape. You will see how Adaptive Planning is helping Finance teams plan, report and analyze more effectively.

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Workday Adaptive Planning Accelerates FP&A

This on-demand webinar is a high-level demonstration of Workday Adaptive Planning. We explore the features and functionality that this planning tool has to offer. You will see why Gartner rates this planning solution as a fantastic planning solution.

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Calculating the Value & ROI of Automating FP&A for Workday Adaptive Planning

Organizing your thoughts on value and producing an ROI statement is important when considering an FP&A System. But what can you realistically expect and how do you go about doing this? Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how you can build a case internally for Workday Adaptive Planning.

IBM Planning Analytics Events on Demand

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4 Ways to Better Understand Your IBM Planning Analytics Models with QUBEdocs

This on-demand webinar illustrates how QUBEdocs can document and audit your existing IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 models in minutes. We address challenges with understanding your models, how to keep up with changes and how your individual cubes and processes link together as an IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 system.

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Best Practices for Chart of Account (COA) Changes in IBM Planning Analytics

Hear some best practices we’ve developed from assisting our clients through many ERP and COA conversions with IBM Planning Analytics. You will walk away from this session understanding how best to approach a COA change.

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Model Development Approaches in IBM Planning Analytics

This on-demand webinar demonstrates how model development has changed in the IBM Planning Analytics environment. We review changes to both the rule editor and the TI process editor. We will also examine new approaches that can be used when creating both dimensions and cubes.

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How to Create Dashboards in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

This on-demand webinar session demonstrates how to create a PAW dashboard. We create a page which includes an exploration (view) of data, a chart and a hyperlink to an external web page. We then synchronize them all together into a single dashboard that your users can easily navigate.

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IBM Planning Analytics: A Practical Guide to Migration

Whether or not you’ve completed your upgrade from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics, you can view Revelwood’s on-demand webinar to find out why each migration is unique and the benefits of using a phased approach. We also demo how workbooks created in Perspectives will migrate.

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Approaches to Optimize your IBM Planning Analytics Environment

This on-demand session discusses approaches to improve your Planning Analytics environment. We review technical aspects associated with cubes, dimensions, rules, and Turbo Integrator. We also examine aspects associated with coding practices, naming approaches and other items that can improve your end-user experience.

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IBM Planning Analytics: Faster and More Efficient Planning

IBM Planning Analytics is helping the office of finance deliver more value in less time than ever before. View our brief, on-demand webinar where we’ll show you how to to create dashboards in minutes and how you can reduce the time it takes to manage your budgeting and forecasting process.