Workday Adaptive Planning Training

Revelwood offers a variety of Workday Adaptive Planning (formerly Adaptive Insights) training courses. Our seasoned, certified instructors ensure you get the technical skills you need to succeed on the job. Our courses range between introductory to advanced, depending on your skill level and each class is taught by a live instructor in a virtual classroom setting. We would be delighted to train your team on-site at your location (contact us for pricing and more information). This gives you the benefit of being able to ask questions, get instant answers and learn from your classmates. We ensure you walk away from each class with best practices and new tips and tricks that will help you be more effective in your role.

Each a la carte, online course comes in two flavors:

  • An interactive course is four and a half hours long and costs $399. In order to participate in these courses, your company must have access to Adaptive Planning eLearning program.
  • A view-only course is three hours long and costs $249. Anyone can attend these courses. There must be at least two people registered for these courses to occur.
  • If you have any questions about the Adaptive Planning eLearning program, please contact Eric Kelly.

We offer courses throughout every month at different times and on different days. Space is limited to 10 students per class for a superior learning experience.

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Introduction to Adaptive Planning & Reporting

This course is designed to introduce new users to Adaptive Planning. Administrators and end-users will benefit from a review of Adaptive Planning basics including:

  • Navigation throughout the application
  • Structure design element basics
    1. Levels
    2. Versions
    3. Accounts
    4. Dimensions
    5. Attributes
  • Budget entry in a student-created Operating Expense sheet
  • Model and Cube sheet demonstration
  • Basic Report-creation using the Matrix report writing tool from within Adaptive Planning
  • Review of Users and Roles
  • Basic formulas and utilization of the formula wizard
  • Introduction of the import functionality from within Adaptive Planning

If you are interested in taking our Introduction to Adaptive Planning & Reporting class, click here to see our class schedule. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Kelly.

Adaptive Reporting

This class is designed for both beginner and intermediate users who want to learn about the reporting options within the Adaptive Planning application. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Reporting options within Adaptive Planning
  • Using the matrix report builder including basic and advance calculation/formula options
  • Design a P&L report
  • Create a version comparison report
  • Report on modeled sheet data
  • Use conditional formatting and display options
  • Understand the benefits of the upload file “report”

If you are interested in taking our Adaptive Reporting class, please contact click here to see our class schedule. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Kelly.

Introduction to OfficeConnect

This course is designed for report developers with minimal experience with the OfficeConnect application. The course will cover the following topics:

  • OfficeConnect terminology and navigation within the application
  • Creation of an OfficeConnect report dynamically linked to an Adaptive Planning instance
  • Working with relative and static time-elements enabling the creation of rolling period reports
  • Parameters and labels which enable the creation of either tabular excel reports or one report with selection options (mainly used with the Level element from the Adaptive Planning instance)
  • Linking selected elements from a previously created Excel report to the matching Adaptive Planning data, enabling the use of all the creative presentation already existing in the report
  • A demonstration of the connectivity between OfficeConnect Excel and its associated Word and PowerPoint applications

If you are interested in taking our Introduction to OfficeConnect class, click here to see our class schedule. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Kelly.