Customer Care

Once we build your solution, our goal is to make you self-sufficient but we won’t leave you high and dry. We have various levels of support to help you as much or as little as you need. Our Customer Care services address the real business functions and logic of your business analytics applications and we can diagnose and fix problems to give you peace of mind.

Help Desk

As part of Revelwood’s Customer Care program, we now offer a dedicated TM1/Planning Analytics Help Desk to help you diagnose, troubleshoot and solve bugs and other issues related to your entire TM1/Planning Analytics environment, including all of your customizations and configurations—not just TM1/Planning Analytics itself. You and your users can contact us anytime—we’re here to help. Find out more about Revelwood’s Help Desk offering.

System Administration as a Service

Revelwood’s System Administration as a Service (SAaaS) offering provides administration services for your IBM TM1/Planning Analytics operation. Tap into our many years of experience, staff expertise and managed services infrastructure to free your team up from the labors of TM1 administration. We can handle your general and cycle maintenance needs and provide expert help desk support services. Our SAaaS offering comes in two forms: Fully outsourced coverage and Backup/Supplemental coverage. Find out more about the benefits of our SAaaS offering.

Performance Tune-Up

Everyone knows that proper maintenance is the key to maintaining overall good health and performance. You don’t think twice about going to a mechanic for scheduled tune-ups or heading to your doctor for routine well visits. So why would you assume that your TM1/Planning Analytics solution will simply take care of itself?

As part of Revelwood’s Customer Care program, we offer a Performance Tune-Up service. This is a recurring, scheduled maintenance program that allows Revelwood to bring our many years of experience and best practices to bear on your system. Our Performance Tune-Up is offered on a quarterly or annual basis. Find out more about how our Performance Tune-Up can help you.