The Best Results On Time & Within Budget

The result of decades of experience and hundreds of IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 and Workday Adaptive Planning implementations, our Project in Process Methodology provides effective planning, organization and review of every project’s activity. This proven approach assures our clients we are meeting their business objectives and providing the best return on their investment, time after time.

At Revelwood, we work collaboratively with our clients in an iterative manner so there is a full transfer of knowledge for every system we build. This ensures every client is self-sufficient at the end of a project.

We utilize a six-stage implementation methodology infused with best practices. Our professional services organization is composed of highly-trained consultants with extensive experience in FP&A and accounting processes as well as in the design, implementation and deployment of planning and reporting systems.


Six-Stage Project Methodology

  • Preparation

    We meet with you to establish the solution’s definition, scope and goals.

  • Analysis & Design

    We learn your business requirements, recommend process changes and formulate a technical design for the solution, including a detailed project plan.

  • Development

    We install software and begin work on implementation, using a comprehensive set of tools that allow us to track project activity, communicate job status and deliver results.

  • Integration & Testing

    All the components are integrated into a single solution, linking aspects of the system that must communicate with each other so we can perform testing together.

  • Deployment

    The application is rolled into production and made available to the end-users. We train staff, deliver system documentation and customize everything to your specific needs.

  • Post-Deployment

    The project team meets with Revelwood to review the project and discuss future phases and projects.

Our unique approach lets you tap into multiple experts at Revelwood who will work hand-in-hand with your internal resources to ensure you have a successful implementation. Our consultants strive to teach you everything they know about your system and how to apply it effectively to your accounting, budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and consolidation processes. Rather than just developing applications for you, we go much further by mentoring and coaching you through the development and deployment of your system.