The Data Orchestration Platform for IBM Planning Analytics

DataMaestro is a fast and friendly interface for system administrators to be able to execute the movement of data.

DataMaestro is a data orchestration platform from Revelwood designed specifically for the IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 environment. It offers a fast and friendly interface for system administrators to be able to execute the movement of data within and across cubes – doing so in far less time and requiring significantly less effort and skill set when compared to traditional methods. It supports both cloud and on-premise IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 deployments.

Key Features

  • A rich, easy-to-use, web-based interface that isn’t reliant on Excel
  • The ability to execute data processes within a single cube or across multiple cubes based on common dimensions in one simple setup
  • A feature to zero-out and move data into existing elements or create new elements on-the-fly
  • Messaging, alerts and email notifications for when processes succeed or fail
  • The ability to group multiple tasks and TurboIntegrator Processes as a package to run on-demand or on a schedule
  • Detailed history tracking records – know the who, what and when of every task and package

Some of the ways you can use DataMaestro include:

  • Copy Budget v1 to Budget v2, increasing all values by 10%
  • Zero out all data for Europe
  • Move a set of data from Salesperson A to Salesperson B
  • Snapshot the entire forecast across all cubes with a single task
  • Instantly move all data associated with a renamed element
  • Export a set of data to upload to the G/L
  • Easily investigate when a data copy task was last run



  • It saves time – it’s easy to use and fast
  • It saves money – no sophisticated TurboIntegrator scripting skills needed
  • It’s convenient – by helping system administrators organize and manage their data orchestrations in one place
  • It’s secure – by leveraging the IBM Planning Analytics security model


About Revelwood Labs

DataMaestro is brought to you by Revelwood Labs, the innovation center of Revelwood Inc. where our thought leaders and engineers collaborate to build great new products and useful solutions to propel your business forward. Our mission is simple—identify, explore and build new technologies that enhance IBM Planning Analytics and Workday Adaptive Planning products. Our commitment to R&D is a driving factor that has kept Revelwood at the forefront of our partners for over two decades. Revelwood Labs has spawned a number of state-of-the-art solutions including Revelwood Lightspeed, DataMaestro™, Dynamo!, Quantum for TM1 and the Revelwood Performance Toolkit. Got feedback or some ideas? Let us know! We are adding more features and functionality to DataMaestrodaily. Help us to make DataMaestro better by emailing us at