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A global investment management firm with approximately $37 billion in assets under management provides a wide variety of fixed income and equity disciplines to a client base of institutional, individual and high-net-worth investors.

Traditionally, financial services firms like this one have many fund managers, all of whom keep their own database of the funds they manage. This approach makes it very difficult to get an accurate and timely total view of all its assets under management. Since the company already used IBM Planning Analytics for its financial planning and reporting and staff planning and reporting activities, Revelwood decided it made sense to use IBM Planning Analytics as the basis for an assets under management planning and reporting solution.


The Revelwood team knew that this model would use non-financial data—such as sales and operational data—and use it similarly to how financial data would be used in IBM Planning Analytics. Now, the firm can perform multi-dimensional analysis and reporting on this information—just as it does on financial details.



With this new IBM Planning Analytics-based assets under management model, the firm can ask questions such as:

  • Which assets are performing well?
  • Which boutiques, service lines and clients are the most profitable?
  • What does our portfolio look like over the next five years?

Perhaps most importantly, this new assets under management model enables the firm to easily add new products and boutiques into its forecast. Revelwood designed the model such that any new product or boutique can be added incrementally with a simple change of the IBM Planning Analytics cube’s hierarchies.

Today, with its IBM Planning Analytics-based assets under management model, this financial services firm can more easily keep track of its clients and its assets to better understand how different aspects of its services are performing.