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Forecasting, reporting, allocationsIBM Planning Analytics, Revelwood’s System Administration-as-a-Service

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This leader in long-term care insurance, mortgage insurance and other financial products was a Revelwood IBM TM1 client many years ago. They now have an expansive IBM Planning Analytics environment. Their challenge was fairly unique – their model was very mature, having evolved over a decade. Their 700+ users were stepping on each other’s toes. For example, when one user was refreshing a report, other users were unable to do their tasks. This resulted in significant system performance issues, which in turn, impacted the users’ ability to get their jobs done in a timely manner.


The insurance company re-engaged with Revelwood to find an approach that would bring more stability to the environment, optimize the performance of the system and enable the users to be more productive. The solution was to break up the environment into 9-10 different instances of IBM Planning Analytics for distinct products and functions. Instead of having everything in one instance, they now have segregated models and consolidation models.



By having different instances, the insurance company has gained the stability and optimized performance it was looking for. Additionally, because they have separate models for different activities, they have a greater level of security. In order for someone to see another group’s data, they need to have permission to access that model. Additionally, as part of segregating the various models, Revelwood built a number of fail-safes and checks into the system, which ensures that files and data gets saved in an appropriate manner.