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A world leader in the published collectible sector and a leading multinational publisher of comics, children’s magazines and manga was managing its financial reconciliations in spreadsheets and relied on the teams informing the CFO that all actions had been completed. Unfortunately, there was no simple way for the CFO to ensure that all the reconciliations had been completed and correct, without manually checking each reconciliation.

The company wanted to automate the reconciliation process while also tightening its controls environment.


The media firm evaluated several solutions and chose BlackLine. One of the key criteria was BlackLine’s clear and easy-to-use interface. The company now has 15 users managing reconciliations within the department with varying levels of technology and experience. The media firm decided BlackLine stood out for its simplicity and power. It met the company’s need for internal controls.

Additionally, BlackLine could easily be integrated with the company’s current and future ERP systems. The firm was in the process of moving its financial data from one ERP system to another, and the solution needed to be compatible with both ERP systems.



With BlackLine it is easier for the media company to demonstrate that reconciliations have occurred correctly and that there is an evidence trail that the CFO has seen them. The firm now has unprecedented visibility into accounting processes and can easily show proper segregation of duties. This enables the company to sufficiently meet the demands of compliance regulations.