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A national airline wanted to better analyze flight metrics in order to make more informed and strategic decisions and to identify and fix problem areas. The airline wanted to be able to use detailed flight data to create trending reports, which would provide greater insight into the day-to-day and long term operations of the business.


Revelwood used IBM Planning Analytics to build a flight reporting model that includes statistical information such as equipment type, flight origins, flight destinations, haul length (short, medium, or long), and various passenger and timing values. By having all that data in IBM Planning Analytics, the airline can now track and analyze a number of metrics including average seat miles, revenue per passenger mile (both with and without frequent flyer redemptions), whether or not the flight arrived within X minutes of its scheduled ETA, and average flight length.



This information allows the airline’s management to ask questions such as:

  • Are there trends in on time arrivals and departures based on equipment?
  • Are there trends in on time arrivals and departures based on location, distance or stage length?
  • Are there trends in haul lengths or service type?
  • Do seasonal trends vary by equipment?

Now, with this IBM Planning Analytics solution, the airline is better able to identify problem areas in its operations and can understand, react to and plan for trends based on a number of variables. This information also supports overall profitability analysis.