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Cash flow forecasting, headcount planningWorkday Adaptive Planning

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A solar energy installation company in the Northeast with one of the highest referral rates needed a cloud-based enterprise planning solution without adding extra resources to the Finance or IT teams. The company, with 40+ employees and many contractors, had three primary requirements for the new solution.

  1. The ability to quickly and easily pull data from QuickBooks
  2. A greater ability to slice and dice critical data for cash flow forecasting, headcount planning and more
  3. A way to perform complex and sophisticated forecasting and budgeting, particularly for understanding project-specific cash flow using milestone-based recognition and planning.


The solar installation company has fully embraced enterprise planning with Workday Adaptive Planning integrated with QuickBooks and Scoop Solar Project Management Software.



With the Workday Adaptive Planning solution, the solar installation company can now easily adjust its cash flow forecasting based on changes in milestones in projects. This provides the business with greater control and certainty. The company can look at the data in its entirety or just look at subsets of the data. The solar company can now create reports with cash flows at aggregated levels, compare cash flow by state and more.

The solution enables the solar company to identify both macro and micro-economic trends impacting the business.