AFP FP&A Guide: Get Your Data Right

This guide from the Association for Financial Professionals is designed to help you get your data right by presenting six case studies that show how others have addressed this challenge. The case studies were presented at AFP’s virtual mini conference, “Get Your Data Right.”

The case studies are:

  • A Digital Transformation is Not a Project – Scott Frisch, executive vice president, COO and CFO of AARP
  • Business Drives Data, Not the Other Way – Kayla Davis, head of Mergers and Acquisitions for ABM Industries
  • Delivering Data as a Service – Jesse Todd, FP&A Digital Transformation lead for Microsoft Finance
  • Create a Center of Excellence Around Reporting – Greg Gillespie, Principal for Collectiv
  • Data Changes Your People Strategy – Andrew Codd, founder of AV Worldwide and former finance consultant at Dell Technologies
  • Leverage Outside Forces as Catalysts for Change – Camille Felton, CTP, FPAC, principal team leader, and Matt Burton, director within Financial Operations & Transformation for Chick-Fil-A.

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