Whitepaper: Data: The Keystone of Digital Transformation

A new whitepaper from Ventana Research (now part of ISG), sponsored by Revelwood’s partner Incorta, details why quality data is essential to digital transformation and high-performing finance and accounting teams.

Quality data is the cornerstone of efficient financial operations. Just like a factory relies on high-grade raw materials to produce quality products, finance and accounting departments require accurate, timely, and complete data to generate financial statements, forecasts, budgets, and regulatory filings. Unfortunately, the importance of data quality is often overlooked and overshadowed by a focus on processes and procedures.

Download this whitepaper, Data: The Keystone of Digital Transformation, to learn why:

  • Technology is essential to manage data quality continuously and achieve the best results
  • Eliminating data preparation leaves more time for analysis
  • Easy access to timely accurate data accelerates closing.