The Complete Guide to Modern Planning

Learn the practical actions and tactics you need to achieve true business agility through modern planning—starting with financial planning but ultimately leading to company-wide planning that connects every functional area across the organization.

This book is the story of how modern planning breaks free from the deficiencies of traditional planning in three key ways. Modern planning is:

  • Continuous, continually recalibrating to offer a dynamic and ever-improving source of predictive insight
  • Company-wide, offering unified, coherent, strategic-planning capability across the business
  • Cloud-first, with a tech-forward, built-for-purpose foundation of planning intelligence, automation and scalability

You’ll finish reading with a concrete understanding of where your organization stacks up, where you want to be and the practical tactics in order to get there—with inspiration from some of the world’s leading organizations to galvanize momentum.

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Resource Excerpt

In 2020, FSN found that “only 12% of companies are data masters that actively manage their data as a corporate asset and have the tools and resources needed to provide competitive edge and insight.” This is the path you’ll tread on your journey to modern planning, building mastery over your data and creating advantage.