What-if Scenario Planning

This eBook explores what scenario planning is and why it’s so effective, as well as best practices for putting it to use and its benefits across your organization.

In a world of uncertainty, reliance on classic forecasting only goes so far. Scenario planning acts as its supercharged extension. FP&A teams use it to visualize and explore multiple (potential) eventualities in detail instead of making financial commitments based on estimations or assumptions. 

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate significant time previously spent on verifying calculations and tracing activity
  • Improve collaboration and a greater sense of joint ownership over budgets  and forecasts between finance and other department leaders
  • Easily perform “what-if” analyses to identify projected outcomes of short and long-term decisions

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Today’s business leaders are likely continuous planners. Their visionary FP&A teams lead the organization to holistic visibility, business agility and better planning outcomes. And to do this, their teams use new techniques, technologies and processes. Scenario planning features heavily in their toolbox.