BARC Score - Integrated Planning & Analytics 2023


“Today, the reality in many companies is that IP&A is an often proclaimed but seldom achieved goal,” writes BARC. “BARC research studies continuously reveal that companies consider the improvement of the software they use to be an important investment for optimizing planning, forecasting and analytics.”

BARC, one of Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software, assessed 13 vendors for the BARC Score – Integrated Planning & Analytics 2023. The report names Revelwood partners IBM and Workday as Market Leaders.

BARC defines Market Leaders as “well-established vendors that drive strong market adoption, supported by technology innovation and strategic acquisitions and by leveraging robust account management and a solid track record. Their portfolio enjoys high brand awareness in the market and covers an extensive range of technologies and services with only few gaps. Market Leaders typically have a large market share, making them a viable contender in almost all implementation scenarios.”

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