Live Webinar

Using BlackLine to Save Time on Accounting Tasks

You may be thinking you don’t have time to attend this webinar because you’re too busy with closing the books. But that’s exactly why you should attend to learn how BlackLine can help you complete accounting tasks faster and with better controls.

Join us on April 27th at 1:00pm ET and learn how your Accounting team can save significant time each month, giving them the capacity to spend more time on company initiatives, projects and improving processes. In this one-hour presentation, we’ll discuss BlackLine’s three core capabilities:

  1. Matching records from one data file against another.
  2. Tools to automate balance sheet reconciliations.
  3. Task management to create and manage checklists.

Give us an hour, and we’ll give you back hours on end.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a recorded version of this webinar, please contact us at

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