Live Webinar

DataMaestro - Orchestrating the Movement of Data in IBM Planning Analytics

Join us for a 20-minute demonstration to learn more about DataMaestro and how you can save time, money and gain peace of mind that the orchestration of your data is producing accurate results.

Revelwood launched DataMaestro last year and our clients are raving about it!  DataMaestro intuitively “orchestrates” the movement of your data within the IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 environment.  It allows you to create and run tasks, schedule packages and plan faster than ever before.

DataMaestro includes:

  • A rich, easy-to-use, web-based interface that isn’t reliant on Excel
  • The ability to execute data processes within a single cube or across multiple cubes based on common dimensions in one simple setup
  • A feature to zero-out and move data into existing elements or create new elements on-the-fly
  • Messaging, alerts and email notifications for when processes succeed or fail
  • The ability to group multiple tasks and TurboIntegrator Processes as a package to run on-demand or on a schedule
  • Detailed history tracking records – know the who, what and when of every task and package

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