Live Webinar

Understanding your IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 models

Building, managing and supporting your IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 models is a full-time job.  So, who has time to manually document them as well?


Join us for a webinar to learn how QUBEdocs can document and audit your existing IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 models in minutes. We address challenges with understanding your models, how to keep up with changes and how your individual cubes and processes link together as an IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 system.

Some key takeaways from this presentation include:

      • How to explore your models, showing you all the objects, relationships and the data flows between them
      • How to easily search and find your models by dimensions or just find a bit of code in a calculation
      • How to see model changes over time, differences between dev and prod or even between your local and cloud models
      • How you can  annotate any object or page and even build your own wiki docs

If you struggle to document your IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 models, this webinar is for you.

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