Performance Tune-Up

What do you do on a consistent basis to ensure that your IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 or Workday Adaptive Planning solution is maintaining its peak performance?

  • Do you routinely look under the hood to ensure that everything is still running efficiently as designed?
  • Do you periodically review changes to your business processes that may have impacted your system?
  • Do you reach out to your end-users to ensure their user experience is as expected?

Everyone knows that proper maintenance is the key to maintaining overall good health and performance. You don’t think twice about going to a mechanic for scheduled tune-ups or heading to your doctor for routine well visits. So why would you assume that your IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 or Workday Adaptive Planning solution will simply take care of itself?

As part of Revelwood’s Customer Care program, we offer a Performance Tune-Up service. This is a recurring, scheduled maintenance program that allows Revelwood to bring our many years of experience and best practices to bear on your system.

Primary Components to the Performance Tune-Up 
Annual Tune-Ups 
These focus on general technical and business topics which may affect the health of your system and include:

  • Checking back-up processes, server space and memory utilization
  • Discussing impending business changes that may require updates to your system
  • Performing a user satisfaction survey

Quarterly Tune-Ups
These are performed on a different model each quarter and focus on the following:

  • System performance
  • Maintainability
  • Data integrity
  • Usability
  • Security

Goals of the Performance Tune-Up
Through a combination of interviews and detailed technical reviews of your cube models, reports, business processes and IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 or Workday Adaptive Planning environment, the Performance Tune-Up accomplishes many important things:

  • Verifying that your FP&A  solution is maintaining peak performance levels and meeting your business and technical requirements
  • Confirming you are up-to-date with the latest IBM and Workday technology and leveraging new features and capabilities
  • Ensuring the end-user experience remains positive

With constant changes to your processes and system usage, how can you afford NOT to include Revelwood’s Performance Tune-Up as part of your normal maintenance routine? Without proper care and feeding, your solution may not be ready when you need it most. Don’t let your investment suffer a slow decline. Let Revelwood’s Performance Tune-Up offering help you ensure continued success tomorrow.