Report Conversion Services

With the move from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics, customers are facing the task of migrating and/or recreating their Excel and TM1 Web reports (Websheets) in IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx). The big benefit, of course, is performance improvement. It is also a great opportunity to review your report library and assess which reports are truly needed in the new environment.

Don’t have the internal resources to make this happen? Concerned about the skills needed to take advantage of Active Forms and MDX to make your reports truly dynamic? Worried about how reports that use Dynamo! or custom VBA routines will translate? We’ve done it all before, and we can help you, too.

To assist you with these efforts, Revelwood offers a Report Conversion program that includes the following C.O.R.E. services:

We’ll convert all of your required Excel reports from TM1 Perspectives to PAx, ensuring they look the way you want, execute correctly and render as Websheets, where appropriate. We even have special tools we’ve developed that will help streamline your conversion process. We’ll also make sure you’re set up with the proper mechanism for easy access to reports in your report library.

Over time reports tend to become laden with excess information, missing data elements, hidden hard-coded values, errors, performance issues, etc. As part of our Report Conversion services, we’ll offer ways to automate and optimize for accuracy and improved performance – saving you time and eliminating errors in your ongoing reporting process.

Do you actually need all the reports you have today? Can some reports be combined to save time and effort? Should some be rendered in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) and accessed via a browser instead of in Excel? We can help you develop the right reporting strategy and identify the reports you truly need to satisfy your business objectives. We’ll also help you determine if Quick Reports and/or Explorations should be used instead of the traditional DBRW-style reports from TM1.

We’ll provide training on the entire PAx environment, with a particular emphasis on how to build well-designed, dynamic financial reports that leverage the best of Planning Analytics and Excel. We want to ensure your team is self-sufficient in creating and maintaining PAx reports going forward.

These services are provided at a lower cost than our typical IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 development services.