TM1 Health Check

Revelwood’s team of TM1 experts is standing by to help you bring new life to your TM1 system. With a combination of automated diagnostic tools and real-world experience, our TM1 professionals assess the health of your current system and offer recommendations for improvements.

If you feel any of these aches and pains, we can help:

  • Is your TM1 system running slower than you would expect?
  • Do you believe that your TM1 reports are taking too long to generate?
  • Are you looking to get a better understanding of the components in your TM1 system and how they link together?
  • Have you hired new staff who would like more knowledge about your TM1 system?

The Revelwood TM1 Health Check offers a fresh perspective from people who have seen just about everything when it comes to TM1. We can help you achieve the optimum performance from your investment by analyzing the gaps between your business processes and your TM1 system. The Revelwood TM1 Health Check includes:

  • A review of your system architecture
  • An analysis of your cubes and rules
  • Determining the efficiency of your Turbo Integrator processes
  • Recommendations on how to optimize your reports
  • Recommendations on security

All Health Check analyses will be reviewed with you using a series of charts, grids and data flow diagrams.